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Friday, 20 August 2010

Topic: The dreaded Credit Card


Those credit cards can be extremely useful if used properly. If not they can become your worst nightmare.

Always make sure that you pay you minimum monthly balance, on the due date. Dont forget that if you pay a large sum off the balance early that the minimum payment is also still due on the due date. Don't forget to make the payment.

Try to pay more than your monthly minimum payment to make inroads into your debt.

The best way to use a credit card is to clear it monthly. Effectively you can be using the banks money interest free for your months purchases if you are wise whilst your money is in the bank earning interest.

Watch out for the balance transfers to another card. Whilst the amount that you transfer is usually at a great rate, once you start to use it the rate goes up to commercial levels.

The alternative to credit card usage for clothing and other department store items is the good old fashioned lay-by. Always worked well for people. Great way to budget.



Posted by mortgageorigination at 11:07 PM NZT

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